Acharya Parampara

The head of Gyan Sampradaya is called the "Kuveracharya." The Kuveracharya stays at Gurugadi, the main seat of the sect, at Sarsa, Gujarat, India. The Kuveracharya looks after the Gurugadi and the religious and social activities of the Sampradaya. The first and foremost duty of the Kuveracharya is to spread the message of Paramguru. The Kuveracharya of the Gyan Sampradaya wears a simple dress, consisting of a white dhoti (loin choth) and a white shirt. He also wears a pagh (special turban) whenever he goes out. He never wears any ornaments and puts a Bhal Tilak (a special symbol of the Sampradaya) on his forehead. Kuveracharyashri wears silver chakhdi (footwear used by saints in India). Nevertheless, the important responsibility of a Kuveracharya is to take care of the Gurugadi in Sarsa.